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Canadian Payroll Packages

Anyone can push a button and process your payroll, it takes a true partner to understand what is being processed, ensure its accuracy and know the impact it has on your company’s legal and legislative compliance.  The Payroll Edge processes over 5,000 pay cheques every week for Canadian firms, across every province. With over 25 years of trusted expertise, we have the know-how to ensure your workforce is always paid promptly, accurately, and in full compliance with all federal and provincial regulations. Our payroll services and simplified HR allows you to not only outsource the administration of payroll but gives you the ability to leverage HR, legal and compliance expertise for your most complex workforce challenges.

Outsourced HR + Payroll Solutions

  • Onboarding of new employees including employment negotiations, agreements and benefit packages.
  • Ongoing support, guidance and expertise when dealing with sensitive employment issues.
  • Up to date legislative changes when it comes to payroll taxation and employment standards.
  • Guaranteed on time, accurate and fully compliant payroll processing and administration.
  • Full tax remittance including worker’s compensation and other provincially specific taxation.
  • Year-end tax reporting to all your government accounts including worker’s compensation.
  • T4’s, ROE’s, paystubs and employment verification issuance.
  • Administration of benefits and RSP contributions as well as commissions, expenses, allowances and all other parts of your employee’s plan.
  • Ministry of Labour and Worker’s Compensation claims management including investigations.

It takes a true partner to understand the intricacies and liabilities of payroll legislation and compliance. It may be a small part of what you do, but for us it’s our very reason for existing. And we do it better than anyone else in Canada.

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