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Frequently Asked Questions about Outsourcing Payroll Services

How will this affect my employees?
In a good way. Your employees will always be paid correctly and on time. Our technology allows for the convenience of direct deposit, emailed paystubs, online ROE’s and T4’s ensuring all the while that all employment standards are met.
What’s the pricing?
Much less than the cost of hiring a payroll processor or Human Resource person, and much, much less than the cost of hiring legal counsel because of an avoidable situation. Unlike other payroll companies in Canada, we have absolutely no hidden fees or fees that accumulate based on your changing needs. You have one price and know what your cost will be at all times.
Can’t I just do this myself?
Did you start your business so you could process payroll and deal with HR issues? Focus on the growth of your business and not the time it takes to understand the intricacies of HR.
How does it work?
We send you a payroll report for approval based on the pay cycle set out by you. Based on that approval we not only pay your people, we take care of all taxation remittances for both the employee and you, take care of the allocation of funds to benefits and RRSP plans, arrange for direct deposits & paystubs and then simply send you one invoice.
What makes you different from other payroll providers?
We don’t just process. We look at the information and ensure compliance, we make all employer remittances to the various government agencies including worker’s compensation and we have in house HR experts that you can rely on in every situation. Finally,we have absolutely no hidden or accumulating fees; you know your cost up front and can always calculate it.
How can I switch over to your service with no delay in payroll?
With a few weeks’ notice we can have your employees switched over to our services from your current provider without them even noticing. We can match any current payroll cycle and ensure no disruption in year to date taxes or tax deductions.
I don’t need payroll services but would love to have HR assistance when I need it. Can I just call you?
Yes, our a la carte HR services can be purchased on an as needed basis. You can rest assured that our HR experts are the best in the business and guarantee compliance when it comes to all the various government agencies across Canada.
What does the term “Employer of Record” mean?
In the eyes of the Canadian government the employer of record is the company seen as the employer of a particular worker. For companies in the U.S. this is a valuable service similar to a Professional Employer Organization.
If I want to hire a Canadian employee, does my company need to register a business presence in Canada?
You need to ask yourself these two questions; Are you invoicing a Canadian company for your goods or service?  Is this Canadian employee working for the benefit of a Canadian company (regardless if their head office is in your country of origin)?  If you answered yes to either one of these questions then yes, your company will need to register a Canadian business in order to comply with Canadian rules and regulations.  If you answered no, then you may be able to just engage in the services of an employer of record like The Payroll Edge.  Call us and we can help clarify.
As a foreign company, can’t I just pay a Canadian as an independent contractor?
Maybe. Like many other countries, Canada has very strict rules when it comes to paying independent contractors. Is the contractor only working for you and do you dictate their hours and expectations? Are they working for you for an extended length of time and do you have workers in your country of origin that do the same job but are considered employees?  The fines and penalties of paying someone in the wrong classification can be steep especially for a foreign company trying to evade the complications of another country’s regulations. The Payroll Edge has an approved process for qualifying independent contractors that guarantee’s compliance.  For more information, please contact The Payroll Edge.
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