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The Most Relied on Professional Employer in Canada

Many U.S. and foreign employers are hesitant to expand their workforce into Canada due to the complications of registering a business in an unfamiliar country.

One of the biggest hurdles is employing Canadian staff which, without a Canadian payroll service provider, requires the U.S.-based firm to:

  • Establish a Canadian administrative presence
  • Register and maintain accounts with all the necessary Canadian government authorities both federally and in the province they plan to employ someone in.
  • Regularly make filings and remittances to these government accounts within the different timelines.
  • Establish a banking and insurance infrastructure.
  • Comply with all federal and provincial rules and regulations when it comes to taxation as well as employment standards including health and safety.
  • Ensure ongoing compliance for both taxation and employment standards as they evolve both federally and in the province of work.

Learning another country's rules and regulations is a daunting task and can lead to very costly mistakes if managed incorrectly. The vast differences in U.S. and Canadian employment law alone often stop companies from expanding their workforce up north. 

For example there is no ‘at will’ employment in Canada.  In fact every province has strict rules when it comes to notice of termination or pay in lieu of.

With The Payroll Edge as your Canadian Employer of Record, often called a Professional Employer Organization in the U.S., all of the above tasks are eliminated.  Your company maintains care and control of the workforce while The Payroll Edge takes full responsibility for not only taxation but all employment standards requirements including health and safety, both federally and across all provinces.

The Payroll Edge employment packages can include Benefits and RSP (similar to a 401k) contributions as well as the ability to pay allowances, commissions, expenses and anything else you may want to offer a Canadian worker. With payroll services that include benefits and RRSP (i.e.; 401k) contributions, a U.S. firm’s Canadian workforce can enjoy all the benefits of their U.S counterparts with mitigated risk.

As one of the largest Professional Employment Organizations (PEO) offering Canadian payroll services, The Payroll Edge offers U.S. firms seamless expansion into the Canadian market without the daunting task of understanding and undertaking foreign employment compliance.

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