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A U.S. Company Looks to
Expand Its Workforce In Canada

For a U.S. company, hiring someone to work in Canada can seem extremely daunting. Not only are the employment standards very different but comparing compensation packages with U.S. employees is very confusing.

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HR Can Turn A Dream
Into A Nightmare For Any Entrepreneur

Many dream of becoming the boss until they realize that being an employer involves administrative burdens they were not prepared for. Hiring great staff is difficult enough, but understanding and complying with the rules and regulations of the Employment Standards Act, Ministry of Labour, and the Canada Revenue Agency quickly became overwhelming for one budding restaurateur.

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Medical Company's
Policies And Procedures Overhaul

One of the largest providers of cardiology testing in Brampton was looking for expert assistance for three of their affiliate locations in preparation for the mandated AODA legislation. They realized that in order to ensure complete compliance, they had to look at their policies and procedures as a whole and soon realized that they were outdated.

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