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What Makes Us Unique

payroll-processorsUnlike other payroll processors who charge a base fee plus surcharges for every step in the process, The Payroll Edge has an ‘all in’ approach that allows clients to know exactly what their costs are going to be before any payroll is processed.

payroll-processingWe understand the legalities and compliance of employment. Our experts are trained, certified professionals with years of experience dealing with every imaginable scenario. When you partner with The Payroll Edge you engage these experts as part of your team.

HR-specialistsMost payroll processors provide HR support via online reports and PDF’s. At The Payroll Edge our HR specialists take an active interest in coaching clients about the ever-evolving legislative rules. Our support is the human kind, so you can ask questions and get real answers.

payroll-service-providerOther payroll processors typically accept the payroll data provided to them by their client, simply route this data to their processing machinery and print the cheques. At The Payroll Edge we review all payroll data before processing to ensure compliance and discuss any anomalies with our clients offering advice on best practices.

paryoll-reportsWe take care of ALL of our clients remittances, not just the payroll tax. We do not leave our clients having to wade through their payroll reports to remit their own worker’s compensation and other provincial employer burdens. We take care of it all.

payroll-servicesOther payroll services do not have the experience to help you face the various government authorities. The Payroll Edge is recognized as an authority by many government officials due to its regular contributions to policy discussions. Our familiarity with this territory lets us help our clients avoid many common missteps, and ensure official issues or queries are taken care of quickly and smoothly.

employer-of-record-servicesFor U.S. companies trying to match a current employment package for a Canadian worker, the cross border differences and even the terms can be confusing. We understand these variances and can help companies navigate this unknown territory.

professional-employer-organizationFor foreign companies looking to hire a worker in Canada, the advice and information in regards to whether the company needs to have a Canadian business presence is endless and can even be contradictory. We can help sort through this confusion based on the company’s specific needs.

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