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New research is showing the importance of employees being happy at work. When people are happy, they’re more motivated and engaged. That motivation and engagement translates into productivity.

It’s easy to see how. When someone feels they’re appreciated, they’re more likely to invest in their task. Whether that’s coming up with great new ideas or working harder to clear their to-do list, they’ll be more ready and able to contribute. 


You need to be thinking about how engaged your team is.

International employers might struggle to keep their remote teams happy and motivated. You may wonder if there’s a way you can promote employee engagement, happiness, and productivity from afar. 


There’s good news. An outsourced HR provider can most definitely help you.

An Outsourced HR Provider Improves Communication

How does outsourcing your HR functions to a third-party provider help boost employee happiness and productivity?


The first improvement an HR provider makes is to your communication. If you’re in a different time zone or on another continent, your replies may arrive too late for your employees.


You’re also unable to provide oversight for your international teams. Scheduling a meeting could be a challenge. Your international team may feel they never have a chance to talk to you or their concerns are ignored. 


An HR provider changes the story. They’re often located closer to your team, increasing availability. They can schedule meetings with more ease. They might even be able to provide on-site visits. 


Better communication helps your team feel more valued and informed. When workers feel appreciated, their engagement increases.

Outsourced HR Can Improve Compliance

Another improvement your HR provider will make is to your international compliance. 


Operating in several different countries can be challenging because you must learn each country’s rules. The tangled web of legislation increases the possibility of mistakes. 


Your international team might be less forgiving of these errors, especially if they happen on a frequent basis. They could be concerned about your policies regarding breaks or shift lengths. They probably won’t have much patience for errors in payroll either, since that affects their take-home pay. 


Outsourced HR helps you improve compliance in these areas and many more. Your provider will be well-versed in the local law, so they can help you adjust your policies. They may be able to assist you with payroll or aspects of hiring and termination. With their insight, you can be sure all HR tasks follow the letter of the law.

Give Your Employees Training and Development Opportunities

How else could outsourced HR motivate your employees? Your HR provider might be able to offer your team more training and development opportunities. 


You’re aware someone on your team wants to upgrade their skills in a certain area, but you don’t know if courses are available in their area. You’re also not sure what counts for training or development. 


Your HR provider will have a better view of the training and development landscape. They may even be able to offer their own workshops or assist you in designing courses that cater to employees in different remote locations.


Learning a new skill can help your team members become more productive. It also keeps them happy and motivated as they develop in their careers.

Provide the Right Benefits

An American employer may not be sure what kind of healthcare benefits they must offer in Canada or the UK. A Canadian employer might not know what the best retirement plan options are in the US. An HR provider can help. 


A good benefits package is key to keeping your employees happy and motivated. If you’re not sure what to offer, get in touch with an HR provider to discover the right options for every area you operate in. With the right HR services, you can keep your team motivated toward growth.