What Are You Leaving to Chance By Handling Payroll On Your Own?

what are you leaving to chance by handling payroll on your ownIt’s natural for small-to-midsize business owners to never consider “Why wouldn’t I handle payroll on my own?” Most small business accounting software packages include the capability of processing payroll. This makes it easy for small-to-midsize business owners, especially when they are starting out, to ensure their staff receive a paycheque every payday. They just pop their hours into a few blank fields, press “print”, and voila! It’s so simple, even the boss can do it – and often actually does.

By doing your own payroll, you are exposing your company to risk that you may not even know about.

In this white paper we will be looking at ten potential areas of risk, you'll learn:

  • Why payroll is far more than just cutting cheques
  • What businesses leave to chance by handling payroll on their own
  • How working with payroll compliance experts can help mitigate your risk

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