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Running a small business presents many challenges. Investing in marketing, checking your compliance, and hiring the right people are all issues that business owners face on a regular basis.


Another challenge that often crops up is finding the right partners for your business. This can be especially tough when you’re entering a new market.


Finding the ideal marketing partner or the best accounting firm is important, but almost no partner is as important as your HR company. Getting the right HR company is crucial for compliance, payroll, and even keeping the best employees on your team.


How do you know the provider you’re teaming up with is truly the best fit for your company? You can follow these tips.

Assess Your Needs

The first step in finding an HR outsourcing company for your small business is to determine what you need from the provider you team up with.


Some small business owners require very specific services, such as payroll or compliance monitoring. Most discover they need a suite of services, including payroll, compliance, staff training and development, and more.


With a clearer understanding of what you need from your provider, you have a better chance of locating someone who can fulfill those requirements.

Do Your Research

The next step in choosing the best HR outsourcing company for your small business is to do some research. Conduct a Google search and discover some of the providers offering the services you must have in your market.


You’ll want to seek companies that have expertise in serving your market. If you’re expanding to the United States, for example, you’ll want to ensure the company you partner with can offer you expertise in US employment law and payroll. A company that’s never worked in the United States before probably isn’t the right choice.


You may also want to ask about the experience the company has in your specific industry. Some industries, such as food and beverage, are subject to special rules. If you’re expanding into a new market, getting the right advice for your industry is key. A company that’s familiar with your industry in your chosen market won’t steer you wrong.

Check Their References

Once you’ve gathered up some names, you can begin digging into each company’s background. Check third-party reviews and read customer referrals on social media. If the company offers case studies, give them a read.


You’d check references for a new hire, so you should the same for your new HR outsourcing partner.

Ask for Proof

Different HR providers will support different processes and procedures. They may make promises about being able to save money or time.


Ask any HR provider to provide proof that their methodology works. Case studies and references are a good starting place. You might also want to request a quote or an estimate on how much you could save.


Essentially, you want to investigate how working with this provider will benefit your business. Outsourcing should offer advantages for your business, so ask the provider to identify the benefits and quantify them.

Evaluate Their Customer Service

Another tip for choosing the right HR outsourcing company is to take a moment to evaluate the service you receive before you sign on the dotted line.


Many companies say they provide outstanding customer service, but do those claims hold up to scrutiny? Think about how quickly the team follows up with you, or how comprehensive their answers are.


The better the service you receive now, the greater the chances you’ll receive the same excellent service down the road.

A Partner That Can Keep up

Finally, make sure the partner you choose for your HR services is ready to keep up with you. Whether it’s technological innovation or scaling services as you grow, your HR provider should be with you every step of the way.