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You’re noticing several of the signs that say it’s time to outsource your HR services. Whether your team just can’t keep up with payroll or you’re having trouble learning all the ins and outs of Canadian labor law, it’s time to get a helping hand.

The question now is how to go about outsourcing your HR services. You have several choices, with each one offering its own advantages to your business. Review your HR outsourcing options and determine which ones will best suit your business’s needs.

1. Get More than HR Services with a PEO

A professional employer organization, or PEO, goes one step beyond outsourcing your HR services. They become the co-employer of your American team, which lifts a load of worries from your shoulders.

The PEO will help you manage everything from compliance to payroll and beyond. Some PEOs can offer you access to infrastructure like banking or workers’ compensation and benefits.

Partnering with a PEO is a robust solution that encompasses every aspect of your HR administration. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a PEO could be the right solution.

2. Consult with an Expert for Great Advice

Another outsourcing option you have is to bring in an HR consultant. Unlike a PEO, the consultant is often a single expert. Rather than conducting payroll or monitoring your compliance, the consultant will examine your HR operations.

They’ll then make recommendations for how to streamline HR services for your business. This is a good choice for a company that’s managing HR well already but wants to improve in some key areas. The consultation process gives you insight into what’s working and what’s not. Then it can help you address those areas that need improvement.

3. Adopt Some HR Software

HR software often allows you to continue managing your HR services on your own, with a little extra help from the software service provider.

This can be the right solution for a company with an HR team that wants to improve productivity and efficiency. In this case, the team likely has a good idea of policy, law, and process. They just need a helping hand getting tasks completed.

There are many different HR software options out there. Some offer only payroll, while others allow you to conduct payroll, monitor compliance, and much more.

4. Hire a Service Provider for HR

An HR service provider is a step up from the HR software solution, but not quite as encompassing as working with a PEO.

What does a service provider do? In most cases, the service provider offers a team of HR experts to assist with employee relations and other HR tasks. They use the latest HR software to administer tasks like payroll.

This option might be right if you want to adopt new software, but know that you don’t have the in-house expertise for it. This may also be the right fit if you want to send just one or two HR tasks to a third-party provider.

5. Partner with an HR Consulting Company

An HR consulting company will help you prepare policies, manuals, and more. This is usually a project-based, short-term partnership. It could be the right choice for an American company expanding into Canada, especially if you already have an expansive HR team ready to handle the Canadian market.

What HR Help Do You Need?

Any of these five HR outsourcing options is simple enough to implement in any business. The question for you is what your company will best benefit from having.

Every company has unique needs, and one of these options might represent a better fit than another. For example, a company that wants to improve efficiency may opt for software, while another company will see a co-employer partnership with a PEO as the right fit for them.

Begin exploring your options and discover the best way to outsource HR services for your business.