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When you’re deciding where your business should expand, you have to take many different factors into account. What kind of market is there for the products or services you provide? What are the different business structures you’ll need to choose between?

One of the factors you may not consider immediately is the currency of any given expansion location. Currency plays an important role in the success of your operations. A reliable currency lets you know you’ll be paying the same wages and prices over the long term, whereas an unreliable currency may see you weathering wild swings in value. Currency reliability also plays a role in the valuation of your expansion, and your profit and loss margins.

With that in mind, which countries have reliable currencies? Here are the top five picks.

1. The Australian Dollar Remains Strong

The Australian dollar is one of the more stable currencies in the world, outranking similar currencies like the New Zealand dollar and the Canadian dollar. By some counts, it’s even stronger than the euro.

It’s not as universally accepted as the US dollar, although you may find some hubs in Asia-Pacific will accept it more readily than other currencies. If you’re looking at this region of the world, then it may be time to consider Australia.

2. Singapore Is a Hub of Stability in Asia

There are many areas of Asia that present low barriers to entry. You may think that expanding into one of these markets is a smart move, in part because your home currency can buy you so much more.


These currencies also tend to have much more volatility. As markets trend up and down, you could find your expenses fluctuating.


The Singapore dollar is one of the more reliable currencies in the area. Singapore also has plenty of other advantages to recommend it to a business considering overseas expansion. With a more reliable currency, you’ll be better able to plan for expenses.

3. Almost Any Country in the EU Is a Good Pick

You can pick almost any single country in the European Union and find your operations backed by one of the world’s most reliable currencies.


The euro, introduced in 1999, was adopted by many of the countries in the EU. The power of the single currency across so many countries increases its value, and it tends to make the euro more stable than some other currencies.


Not all EU countries use the euro, of course. Notable exceptions are Sweden and the UK. (The British pound has been a relatively stable currency, although it remains to be seen how Brexit affects the pound.)


The EU has faced a currency crisis before, when Spain and other EU countries entered an economic crisis. The currency weathered the crisis well and proved the EU’s unified currency will continue to be stable.

4. You Can Bet on the Greenback

The US dollar has its ups and downs, but it’s one of the most reliable currencies in the world. Why?


The greenback is one of the most in-demand currencies, which drives up its trading price. Many countries will accept it in addition to their own currency. Even online, this currency is often the requested choice. It’s the closest thing to a universal currency.

5. The Canadian Dollar Has Serious Backing

Another currency you might want to consider is the Canadian dollar. Although the currency of the Great White North is often tied to the fortunes of its US counterpart, it is considered one of the more reliable currencies in the world.


Why is that? Canada’s dollar is backed by a wealth of national resource, including the world’s third-largest oil reserves. With those assets behind it, you can rest assured the Canadian dollar won’t fall too far for too long.