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A new year brings with it new opportunities. Where will your business take you this year?


For some business owners, the answer may be embarking on an international expansion. Of those who say their business is expanding across borders, many will set their sights on the US market.


If this sounds like you, you might be wondering what the easiest way to expand into the US is. You’re aware of some of the challenges and red tape an expansion plan presents. Is there any way to make things easier for your business?


There is. It’s called an employer of record.

What Is an Employer of Record?

An employer of record, or EOR, is a partner you can choose to help you as you expand your business internationally. An EOR is incredibly helpful when you’re thinking about entering the US market.


That’s because an EOR offers comprehensive assistance with numerous aspects of your business.


While many of their services are focused on human resources, an EOR may assist you in easing some financial aspects of your business and more.


An EOR will work with you to ensure you have the people you need on staff as you expand into the US. They’ll review your HR policies and ensure they’re in line with the labor law of both the US federal government and the states you’ll operate in.


Beyond that, they are able to do so much more. They’ll assist you with assessing the talent pool in your area, and they can make suggestions for hiring. From there, they’ll handle your payroll, administer benefits, and look after workers’ compensation insurance and claims.


An EOR may even help you with training and development programs for your team. In some cases, they could also offer you access to benefits programs and banking infrastructure.

How Does the EOR Help?

With the comprehensive services of the EOR, you’re getting a knowledgeable partner who has experience in the US market. They’re aware of the rules, and they can help you navigate them in order to stay on the right side of the law.


Working with an EOR also improves working conditions for your employees. With the EOR’s help, it’s easier to design policies and programs that incentivize top talent to work for you. These same services can help you reduce turnover and hang on to your top people longer. Happier employees are also more productive.


The EOR could also improve relationships between you and your American team. They offer an added layer of oversight and communication that might benefit not just your business but your new American employees as well.


Finally, the EOR can offer you access to infrastructure like banking, benefits, and insurance. In doing so, they lift the red tape around entering the US market.

Start Working in the US Today

Many of the processes described above are slow. Opening a bank account, for example, can take quite a bit of time and effort. A slow-down in getting your account approved could mean you don’t have access to the funds you need for payroll. That could put the brakes on hiring, or cause top talent to leave your business before you even open your doors.


With the EOR’s help, you can speed up the process of entering the US. With payroll funding and a bank account behind you, you can start hiring and paying employees today. You’ll also be in a better position to meet all your obligations, such as payroll taxes and making sure your business has the right insurance.


Why wait? Contact an EOR and get the ball rolling. With an experienced EOR behind you, it’s easier than ever to expand your business to the US. Stop viewing US expansion as a dream when it could be your new year reality.