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Did you know the average American small business pays more than $800 in payroll penalties every year? As you consider taking your business north of the border, you’re beginning to wonder what payroll trials lurk in the Great White North.

After all, if you can run up $800 or more in US payroll penalties, you may be concerned about your ability to avoid Canadian penalties. Your team is even less versed in how to conduct Canadian payroll. Mistakes are almost bound to happen.

That’s one of the reasons you’ve decided to outsource your Canadian payroll. Now you need to know how to choose the right payroll provider for your Canadian expansion. If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a great partnership.

Know What You Need

Your team should develop some familiarity with Canadian payroll, if only because it will help you determine what your business needs.

Some of your needs will be easy to determine. How many Canadian employees do you have? Which provinces will you operate in?


From there, you can search for a provider who has expertise in providing payroll in Quebec or Ontario or wherever you happen to open your doors. You should note how many people they’ll provide service for.


You should also take a look at other necessities, such as providing healthcare benefits or workers’ compensation insurance. Each province has its own rules, so be sure to ask any potential payroll provider about what you’ll require and what they provide.


Do Your Research

The next step in finding the right Canadian payroll partner is conducting some research. There are plenty of payroll providers out there, but only a few of them will be great matches for your business and its needs.


The Internet is a great tool for investigating Canadian payroll providers. Conduct a few Google searches, narrowing each search by your specific needs. You can try searching for “Canadian payroll providers” as well as “Ontario payroll providers” and “Ontario payroll providers workers’ insurance.”


Make notes on some of the companies in the results. Discover what they offer by exploring their websites. Take note of third-party sites and recommendations as well.


Finally, check out reviews from customers. These may be on social media, Google Reviews, or even the company’s own website.


Get Some Quotes

Now it’s time to talk to various Canadian payroll providers. Be sure to ask for quotes. You’ll want to compare them, but you’re also conducting another test.


Sending out notes to prospective payroll providers gives them a chance to showcase their customer service skills. If they’re not enthusiastic or don’t respond to your email, then chances are their service skills won’t be any better once you’ve signed a contract.


Communication is key to a great partnership, so evaluate every potential provider on how they respond to you. Those who communicate well are already setting the foundation for a great partnership.


Think about Value

Now it’s time to consider those quotes you collected. You may be tempted to pick the lowest price and call it a day.


Take some time to dig into what each proposal is offering to you. The provider with the lowest quoted price might be able to offer such a great deal because they’re offering so much less in the way of service.


Instead of thinking about price, pay attention to the value. The provider who offers you the most value is going to be a far better choice than the one offering you the lowest price. If it turns out that you get the best value with the lowest price, even better.


With these tips in hand, you’ll be well on your way to picking the right provider for payroll outsourcing. Handling Canadian payroll is simple when you work with the right team.