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International expansion is the opportunity of a lifetime, but it’s also a sink-or-swim situation for most businesses. While you may have always dreamed of expanding your business to new people in new places, the process is fraught with challenges.


One of the biggest challenges you face is compliance. Every nation has its own concerns and laws, which can make complying with the rules an uphill battle. Moreover, more nations are working together to create an international set of rules that will govern global business.


There’s lots of red tape and overlap between rules, which slows you down. What can you do in this situation? An employer of record, or EOR, could be the solution you’re looking for.


What Is an Employer of Record?

Before you can decide if an employer of record, or EOR, is the right choice for your business, you need to know what they are and what they do.


An EOR is a partner you can call on to help with end-to-end human resources. They work with you and assist you in employing the talent you need, while making sure you’re in compliance with all the rules and regulations of the markets you’re operating in.

How Does an EOR Help?

An EOR provides end-to-end HR services for your business. They work with your team to make sure their policies align with yours. They also look to the regulatory framework of the market you’re operating in, improving your compliance.


In short, they take the worry of international HR off your shoulders. With the EOR, you can be sure your employees are learning the skills they need through training and development programs, as well as receiving benefits like retirement savings.


Going Global with an EOR

The EOR doesn’t just help you achieve better compliance in one market. If you choose the right partner, you could improve international compliance across all markets you operate in.


When you team up with the EOR, they can give you access to multiple markets. They work to coordinate policies across these markets, creating a global compliance program. If you enter into one market with an EOR, they’ll help you make sure you’re compliant in every other market too.


This makes it much easier for you to ensure your operations are compliant everywhere you work. Global coordination also makes it easy to ensure your talent receives similar treatment across jurisdictions.

Scale with Ease

The other benefit of working with an EOR who has global reach is the ability to scale. With their global coordination efforts, you no longer need to review all your policies and revise them every time you want to enter a new market.


International expansion becomes easier than ever. Your policies will already be largely aligned with multiple markets, which makes expansion much faster. You can tap into the EOR’s network to find the infrastructure you require and bring the right talent on board.


With the right EOR partner by your side, taking your business around the world is no longer just a possibility. It’s reality.

Choosing the Right EOR

It’s important to choose the right EOR partner. Some EORs operate in just one country, while others may not provide the same level of global coordination between markets.


Look for partners who operate in multiple markets. They already have the expertise and networks you’re seeking. You can also inquire about how they’ve helped other companies coordinate their policies across different countries and regulatory regimes.


If you’re thinking about going global, then make it easier for your business to get where you need to be. Get in touch with the global compliance experts at an EOR and discover just how simple expansion can be.