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Compliance is a hot topic in many leadership circles today. Whether you’re in the IT department or talking to the head of HR, “compliance” is probably going to come up in conversation.


It’s easy to see why. Today’s business environment is often more regulated than ever, and governments are almost constantly tightening rules. You have to stay on your toes if you want to be sure of compliance.


This goes double for any company looking to enter an international market. The rules in Canada are vastly different from those in the US or the UK. They even change from province to province.


As a result, Canadian compliance can be difficult to achieve. This is particularly true of the Canadian payroll system, which may leave you feeling more than a little confused.


If you’re scratching your head about Canadian payroll compliance, it might be time to turn your payroll over to the experts.

No More Guessing at Provincial Rules

If you’re operating in Ontario and planning to expand to Quebec, the changes to payroll could be bewildering. Similarly, if you’re planning to expand into multiple provinces at once, you might be tripping over conflicting rules about holiday pay and vacation pay.


Every province has its own rules about payroll. Although you need to collect and remit federal payroll taxes, you’ll also need to look at provincial differences.


Even federal rules may not apply countrywide. For example, Employment Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan are federal programs, but withholdings change from province to province.


Quebec administers its own plans, which confuses the situation more.


If you’re tired of guessing or getting your provinces mixed up, outsourcing your payroll services could be the answer. An expert team of payroll professionals will help you calculate your withholdings for every province.

Filing the Right Paperwork

Another advantage of outsourcing your payroll services is the ability to improve your payroll record-keeping. In Canada, you’ll be asked to keep records in particular ways.


If you don’t comply, you may be audited. Record-keeping is a serious matter. If you don’t retain records in line with the law, you could be criminally charged.


There’s no need to worry when you work with an experienced payroll provider in Canada. They know the ins and outs of the rules, so you can be sure your records are in ship-shape.

Avoid Penalties and Audits

Canadian payroll compliance is important because it helps you avoid penalties and audits. The CRA could levy some impressive fines if you don’t submit your payroll taxes on time or if your amounts have been calculated incorrectly.


Mistakes can lead to an audit, which costs you more time and money. It may also cause you additional stress and worry.


By working with the experts for your Canadian payroll services, you can eliminate these worries. The provider will help you avoid common mistakes, which will mean you don’t have to worry about being assessed for penalties. You’ll also be less likely to be investigated by the CRA.

Keep Your Canadian Employees Happy

Perhaps the best reason to outsource your Canadian payroll services is to keep your employees happy. If you’re constantly making mistakes on payroll, you could lose the good faith of your employees.


Incorrect withholding for income tax, EI, and CPP can leave your employees high and dry at the end of the year. If you’re not calculating holiday and vacation pay correctly, you’ll likely receive a few complaints. Employees also won’t be impressed if their take-home pay is consistently over or under.


An expert team helps you avoid all these errors. In turn, your employees will get their dues on time, and they’ll be much happier for it.


If Canadian payroll compliance has the best on your team baffled, get the experts on your side. With their experience and knowledge, you’ll be in a better position to conquer the Canadian market.