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Even if you’ve expanded into another country before, you might feel overwhelmed by the American market.

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There are many aspects to consider when you move into the US. As you’re aware, laws are very different, which can cause a tangle of red tape. You need to think about tax efficiencies and corporate structure. Your marketing strategy may need to be tweaked. You might even need to revisit your product offers and packaging.

You also must consider how to staff your business. Is hiring US workers the right move? Maybe you can hire independent contractors to fulfill your needs. Perhaps sending existing employees to the US is the right way forward.

Many successful global companies choose employees over any other work arrangement. Here are a few great reasons you should employ US workers.

1. Global Companies Get Insights from US Workers

US workers can offer you insights into the market and culture. You could hire remote workers from your home country, but if you’re serving the American market, will they connect to Americans in the same way?

Employees from the same cultural milieu can smooth relations with your customers. Your customers will also be able to relate to your workers more easily.

US workers can also provide key insights into the market. They have insider knowledge others in your company may lack.

2. They Provide Geographic Insurance

If you don’t have a physical location in the US, you may see no reason to hire employees on US soil. Operations can run from almost anywhere thanks to today’s technology, and your staff can telecommute.

Much like computer servers should be in geographically diverse areas, global companies should think about having a geographically diverse workforce. This provides insurance for your customers. For example, if complications prevent people in India or the UK from getting to work, your US employees will be on standby.

3. It Creates a Community Presence

Global companies often face challenges being accepted into their new markets. Consumers may see you as an outsider and decide not to buy from you.

One way to approach this attitude is to establish that you care about the communities you operate in. What better way to show you care about a community than by hiring locals.

This helps potential customers put real faces to names. By employing their neighbours, friends, and relatives, you offer local opportunities in the community. In turn, community members are more likely to feel sympathetic and connected to your brand.

Your employees could become your greatest advocates. They may talk up your products or services, as well as recommend you as an employer. In short, US workers can be the best brand ambassadors.

4. It’s Easier Than You Think

You may be reluctant to employ US workers due to legal concerns. You might be worried about tax implications or issues around employment law. How can you let someone go? What are the rules about overtime pay, holidays, or vacation pay? What are the leaves like in the US? What about benefits?

You might think these concerns make hiring US workers too much of a hassle, but it’s not as difficult as it seems. Working with a PEO can help you employ US workers without worrying about the ins and outs of payroll or the tax implications of benefits. The PEO can take on the liability and responsibility for your US workers.

5. It Builds Your Talent Pool

If you’re hoping to continue expanding, then building your talent pool is a good idea.

Employing US workers can help you do just that. When it comes time to expand again, you’ll know you have a strong group of talented individuals to draw on.

Many global companies hire US workers for some of these reasons. It could be a smart move for your business too. If you think it might be a good decision, talk to the experts and discover how the right US talent could help you ensure business expansion success.