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If you’re like many ambitious American business leaders, you dream about expanding your business beyond the borders. Expanding internationally takes good business acumen, courage, and a little bit of luck.

Another key ingredient of success in any international market is making sure you have the right partners on your side. As you expand into Canada, you may wonder about who you need to have on your team. An employer of record (EOR) might be one of the partners you’re considering to help with business expansion.

Before you team up with an employer of record in Canada, though, you should know what you can expect. This quick guide will help you understand the services an EOR provides and how they could help your business succeed in the Great White North.

1. An Employer of Record in Canada Is Your Total HR Solution

First things first. What does an EOR in Canada do?

Much like their counterparts in the US, a Canadian EOR helps your business administer HR to your Canadian employees. They can assist with almost everything, from helping you locate talent to helping you design a health insurance program that really works for your employees north of the 49th parallel.

An EOR can also help you navigate the complexities of doing business in Canada. They’ll help you with payroll and taxes, making sure your CRA remittances are calculated correctly and submitted on time. They can assist with workers’ compensation. They may even be able to offer training and development opportunities for your Canadian employees.

One of the biggest advantages of working with an EOR in Canada is their ability to help you ensure your compliance. Employment law in the Canadian provinces is ever-changing, and getting a helping hand with compliance is usually a good idea.

2. A Canadian EOR Improves Efficiency

Doing business in Canada often means you have a steep learning curve ahead of you. For many American businesses, Canada is their first international expansion. For others, the similar cultures offer a sense of confidence and security.

This might lead to business owners who try to do it all themselves. This almost invariably leads to missteps, whether in the administration of payroll or in employee management. Not knowing the rules could bog down your team, even if they do come up with the correct answer in the end.

This situation slows down operations and makes communication with your Canadian employees frustrating for both sides.

An EOR can be a great solution. Since they’re already well-versed in Canadian employment rules, they can assist you in delivering more efficient HR service to your workers. Their expertise also streamlines communications with your employees.

In turn, everyone is able to get more done is less time. The EOR’s HR service can also improve employee satisfaction. Happier employees boost efficiency and productivity in your company as a whole.

3. The Advice You Need

A Canadian EOR does more than administer payroll. They can offer you the insights you need to succeed in the Canadian market.

Whether it’s advice on upcoming legislative changes or insights about Canadian work culture, the expert team at the EOR has seen it all. With their advice, you could plan your Canadian business operations with ease.

The Right EOR Is Out There

Some employers hesitate to work with an EOR in Canada because they’re not sure the services address their needs. Chances are they just haven’t found the right partner.

There are many different Canadian EOR out there, and one of them will be a great fit for your business needs. Whether you need help with payroll or a more comprehensive suite of services, the experts can help.