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3 Ways We Help U.S. Staffing Firms Employ Canadian Workers for Clients

Posted by Stacey Jones


Dec 2, 2014 9:00:00 AM

3-Ways-We-Help-U-S-Staffing-Firms-Employ-Canadian-Workers-for-ClientsYour big contract staffing client loves your service and wishes you were in Canada to help them with their staffing needs up north as well. But you’ve looked into it and it seems very complicated. Is this new revenue stream worth the hurdles you will have to jump to expand your business into another country? It can be, if you contract the services of a PEO provider in Canada. A Canadian PEO provider is the Employer of Record for the workforce in Canada, therefore handling all the pain points for U.S. based staffing firms looking to service their client in Canada but unsure of government registration, remittances and legislation.

1. We Understand Staffing

The Payroll Edge is a subsidiary division of The Staffing Edge, A back office service provider to the Canadian Staffing Industry and the preferred partner for many U.S. staffing firms looking to provide workers for their client in Canada. Our team represents some of the brightest individuals in staffing who understand the complexity and variables within an employment agency. Any old Canadian payroll provider would not understand your staffing firm’s complex inner workings, the client’s position in the equation or the job order dynamic.  The Payroll Edge, unlike other payroll providers, has a core competency in staffing therefore understands your need to be full service to your client without having the complications of understanding a new countries set of rules and regulations.

2. We Can Pay Canadians & Invoice the Client on Your Behalf

The Payroll Edge can pay your Canadian contract employee ensuring timely and accurate payment and taxation, invoice your client’s location here in Canada with your brand represented and wait for them to pay giving you full payroll administration and financing.  We also have the best insurance in the industry; the workers are covered by our errors and omissions and general liability and we take care of the worker’s compensation.  If a client goes bankrupt and does not pay an invoice, you are protected under our receivables insurance umbrella.

3. We Can Be the Employer of Record for Your U.S. Staffing Firm

An Employer of Record service provider like The Payroll Edge takes care of all Canadian government remittances for the workforce dispatched by our contract staffing firm members.  We also take care of all employment standards compliance including providing the employment agreement and manage all claims made such as injuries, human rights and termination.

An Employer of Record with a background in staffing. What more could you ask for?  Next time your client asks you to help them with their Canadian staffing needs, accept the order and contact The Payroll Edge.  Focus on what you do best; sales and service!

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