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Saskatchewan Employee Stats and Vacation Pay Entitlements (updated 2019)

Posted by Stacey Jones


Oct 31, 2014 4:58:21 PM

Saskatchewan Employee Stats and Vacation Pay EntitlementsThe Payroll Edge understands the need to outline Canadian employment compliance standards by province to assist you in hiring a Canadian worker.

As a PEO in Canada, we’re often asked about whether there is stat and vacation pay differences between provinces. Every province has different holidays and different eligibility rules around paying the employee for time off.   These rules apply to part time, full time, hourly or salaried employees.

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The following information was sourced from and is set out by The Saskatchewan Employment Act.

Saskatchewan has Ten Public Paid Stat Holidays

The province of Saskatchewan has ten public paid stat holidays and 1 optional holiday at the employer’s discretion – Boxing Day on December 26.

These mandatory holidays are;

  1. New Year’s Day on January 1
  2. Family Day on the 3rd Monday in February
  3. Good Friday before Easter Sunday
  4. Victoria Day on the Monday before May 25
  5. Canada Day on July 1
  6. Saskatchewan Day on 1st Monday in August
  7. Labour Day on 1st Monday in September
  8. Thanksgiving on 2nd Monday in October
  9. Remembrance Day on November 11
  10. Christmas Day on December 25









Public or stat holidays are days off with pay and as such must be paid in the pay period the holiday falls in. Public holiday pay is 5% of the previous 4 weeks of wages including vacation pay and other public holiday pay but excluding overtime pay.

Public Holiday Pay Rate for Hourly Construction Workers in Saskatchewan

Hourly construction workers are to be paid a different rate than other Saskatchewan based employees. The rate to calculate a construction workers stat holiday pay is 4% of the previous 4 weeks of wages including vacation pay and other public holiday pay but excluding any overtime pay.

Working on a Public Paid Stat in Saskatchewan

If an employee in Saskatchewan works on the statutory holiday they are entitled to time and a half or 1.5 times their regular pay for the hours worked plus the stat holiday pay. One group of Saskatchewan workers are not in the category; those working on well drilling rigs. These types of workers will get their regular wages for the day on top of their stat pay of 5% of the last 4 weeks of wages.

Vacation Pay and Time Entitlement

The Government of Saskatchewan has the most generous vacation time and pay amounts compared to all other provincial governments across Canada. The following rates and time are the minimum requirements to be offered by employers; Saskatchewan employees can be offered more time or better vacation pay rates at the employer’s discretion as set out in the company’s employment agreements or expressed verbally.

  • Minimum Vacation Time after 1 year is 3 weeks at 6% of wages
  • Minimum Vacation Time after 10 years is 4 weeks at 8% of wages

Wages to include in your Saskatchewan employees vacation pay are; regular earnings, overtime pay, public holiday pay, commissions, and bonuses. Do not include tips or gratuities when calculating the employee’s vacation pay. Part-time employees are also entitled to the minimum vacation pay and time as set out by the Government of Saskatchewan; the vacation pay would simply be based on their part time earnings.

Additionally, in order to be eligible for an annual vacation, the Saskatchewan employee should have completed a year of employment without a break of service of 26 weeks or more in the previous year. A job protected leave of absence (maternity leave for example) does not count as a break of service.

Use The Government of Saskatchewan's Vacation Pay Calculator here.

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