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New Brunswick Vacation Pay and Stat Holiday Guidelines (updated 2019)

Posted by Stacey Jones


Nov 19, 2014 8:46:00 AM

New Brunswick Vacation Pay and Stat Holiday GuidelinesWe know it can be tricky to keep up with individual employment legislation in each Canadian province. So we've made it a point to  outline Canadian employment compliance standards by province to assist you in hiring and paying a Canadian worker.

As a PEO in Canada, who partners with U.S. and foreign based companies looking to hire workers in Canada, we are often asked about whether there's a difference in statutory holiday's and vacation pay entitlements between our 13 provinces and territories. Every province and territory in Canada has variable holidays and different eligibility rules around paying the employee for time off. These rules apply to part time, full time, hourly and salaried employees.

The following information was sourced from and is set out by The Government of New Brunswick Employment Standards Act.

Paid Statutory Holidays in the Province of New Brunswick

1.  New Year`s Day on January 1st

2.  Family Day (3rd Monday of February)

3. Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday)

4.  Canada Day on July 1st

5.  New Brunswick Day on the 1st Monday in August

6.  Labour Day on the 1st Monday in September

7. Remembrance Day

8.  Christmas Day on December 25th  

New Brunswick has the least amount of public paid stat holiday's in a calendar year compared to all other provinces and territories in Canada. However, we would like to note there are optional holidays at the discretion of the employer that may be included with a New Brunswick employment agreement; Victoria Day on the Monday before May 25 and Thanksgiving on the 2nd Monday in October.

Unlike in the United States, Canadian employees are entitled to take a day off with pay for these holidays. Should a New Brunswick employee work on a statutory holiday they are entitled to 'time and a half' for hours worked plus the pay owed to them for the stat holiday itself.  

Vacation Pay Guidelines for Employees Living and Working in New Brunswick

For New Brunswick employees with less than 8 years of service, entitlements are 4% of earned wages in vacation pay. When calculating a New Brunswick employee`s 4% vacation pay include only their regular wages, do NOT include overtime pay, public holiday pay  commissions, bonuses, tips or gratuities. Vacation time is 2 weeks per calendar year OR 1 day per month.

After 8 years of continuous employment with an employer, a New Brunswick employee is entitled to 6% vacation pay along with 3 weeks of vacation time.

For further information on how to pay a Canadian employee in the province of New Brunswick, visit the Government of New or Nouveau Brunswick.

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